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Social media tips for your business

Social media is easy right?

You take a photo, think of a clever caption, post it and wait for the likes to roll in. Sure, anyone can do this but, is it achieving the growth and reach you want it to for your practice? The answer is most likely no! Between Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn - the list goes on, it’s easy to get lost in the process and not get the most out of your social media accounts. For a social media account to be successful in marketing your practice, you must be consistent and engaged every step of the way. With the following social media tips, you can be a social media guru, right from the start of the posting cycle through to the finish.

Plan, plan, plan Firstly, it’s time to get planning! A rushed post is a pointless post. Posts that aren’t planned do little in achieving what you want them to, avoid this by mapping out your posts. This allows you to check that the content doesn’t clash, align posts to current events or services, insert relevant topics and ensure there is a consistency of posts going out.

Know your audience Who is you audience? Know exactly who you are targeting with your content and do your research! By researching your audience you can outline what style of content they like to see, how often they want to see it and when the best time to post is so that they will see it.

Content It’s all in the content! Compelling content is more than just choosing an image and posting it, you need to decide what message you are conveying, how your audience will receive it and what the best format will be. Carousels, Gifs and video are your modern-day alternatives to the old one static image and can produce a much larger impact from your post. No one wants to look at boring content, so get creative and make choices that will get your posts seen. Additionally, depending on your selected social media platform you can support your post with stories! Particularly with Facebook and Instagram, stories will help to drive traffic to your account and content.

Engagement Your content is posted, now you can sit back and enjoy the reactions to it right? Wrong! This part of your social media cycle is especially important in building a strong social media presence. If no one is responding to comments or engaging with reached accounts, your account will appear cold and unresponsive, meaning your audience is less likely to interact with your future posts. Building a strong engagement reputation for your account, increases your audience reach and ultimately gets your account noticed!

Track your progress This brings us to the final stage of the process, tracking and comparing your post progress. Analytics are your new best friend when it comes to figuring out what posts are working better than others. If your account is set to a business account, you have the ability to monitor insights for individual posts and your account traffic.

Social media cycle Now that your equipped with some helpful social media tips, there’s no falling off the social media cycle! Plan, research, create, engage, track and repeat! Combined with consistency and monitoring changes in your audience, you can build and grow your social media accounts to their full marketing potential!

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So, get on top of your marketing today!

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